Graduate of the Metamorfose centre ( The bigger Tantra and Body Therapy School in Brazil, international recognition and unique methodology).

Massage Therapist with 6 years of experience and several trainings by the best schools of body therapy in Brazil.
Junior provides the highest-quality therapeutic experience personalised to your specific needs. Junior’s massage services include relaxation, soft and deep tissue. Especialist in Tantric Massage and Tantra experience.

I’m located in Paulista Avenue Region.

Available For incalls and OutCalls ( Hotels ).

Security Place, Shower, Air conditioning and electric heater.

Monday to Sunday 09:00 am – 01:00 AM




A relaxing massage, is the classic anti stress massage. Performed through rhythmic movements of pressure, kneading, friction, sliding and rolling. soft, medium and deep pressure.


Applied throughout the body (feet, legs, abdomen, trunk, arms, hands and cervical region) through touches with medium pressure. In addition to relaxing the musculature also has a focus on cleansing the body’s energy, expanding the breath, and arousing bodily pleasure. Sensitize and prepare the body to receive Lingam Massage and / or P-spot massage.


In this massage we discover that our whole body is orgasmic, capable of generating intense waves of pleasure. The Sensitive Massage provides the awakening of bioelectricity, chaining diverse muscle groups in the reflex-neurological reaction of pleasure and orgasm. To start your journey to an extraordinary world of pleasure, far beyond our usual view of sex, I recommend that you begin your development with Sensitive Massage. It releases the perception of the body’s bio-electric potential, allowing new muscle chains to also benefit from the experience of orgasm.

    • Main Benefits of Sensitive Massage:

Awaken the awareness of Bioelectricity

    Increases endorphin, serotonin and oxytocin levels
    Potentializes the waves of pleasure
    Dry and multiple orgasms

EXTASE TOTAL MASSAGE SESSION (Sensitive + Lingam massage)

After discovering and developing the orgasmic potential of the whole body, these waves of pleasure are associated with the orgastic capacity of the genitals. In this way, the person’s sexuality is transformed, finding new references, creating new synapses in relation to pleasure.

Total Ecstasy Massage is an intermediate process between the Sensitive and the Lingam Massage. Its purpose is to link the neuromuscular spasmodic reflexes, characteristic of the Sensitive Massage, with a consistent work on the genitals, in order to increase the male erection time and the sensorial expansion of the penis, allowing the support of more intense levels of pleasure.

Key Benefits of Total Bliss Massage:
  • Awaken the awareness of Bioelectricity
  • Potentializes the waves of pleasure
  • Dry and multiple orgasms
  • Strengthens and vitalizes the genitals


Having established the connection of the genitals to the rest of the body, we began to develop the ability of the genitals to produce and sustain bioenergy. We then do intense muscle toning work in this region, promoting the experience of multiple orgasms under a new proprioceptive perspective.

In Lingam Massage, the work is focused, oversized and intensified in the Penis (Lingam). With Lingam Massage, indescribable energy discharges can occur, revealing new orgastic potentialities that lead to multiple orgasms with or without ejaculation, and an extraordinary expansion of energy.

Main Benefits of Lingam Massage:
  • Strength and genital vigor
  • Multiple orgasms, dry and ejaculatory
  • Increases erectile timing


In the last phase of the method the body of the interactor is in the ideal conditions to reach higher states of perception. The stimuli made find the biological support necessary for the manifestation of Hyper-Orgasm, providing a condition of transcendence and expansion of consciousness. The developmental sequence for men continues with a work of stimulation of Point P in the prostate. You will discover a new quality of pleasure and orgasm through sensorial regions of great energetic potential but usually little explored.

— Tantra Sensual Experience Session.

Contact + 55 11 9 68159575

Arriving after 20 hour flight I was blessed to discover Junior.  He
absolutely took me to a level never before experienced.  He did it one
step at a time, every few minutes I experienced not only exceptional
beyond believe massage but also an erotic vibration that an hour later
delivered me to what Junior calls the “magic.  He taught me new ways to
manage my body, breath and mind which will be with me for life.
Absolutely five stars, and I travel the world, I know.  Thank you
Junior! – Rob, Seatle USA.

“Junior is a super nice guy with a killer, tight, slim body. He friendly and outgoing personality is only topped by the best massage in Sao Paolo. He does not hurry and makes one feel totally relaxed. He’s got a beautiful smile, he’s well educated, polite and a good conversationalist. If you want a special experience while in Sao Paolo be sure you contact Bruno. I can most highly recommend him. You will not be disappointed”. JP

” Junior is a very nice boy with a beautifull slim body , make good massage and is not in a hurry … well educated and good conversation , It was a pleasure to meet him in Sao paolo , see you next time , A la prochaine fois” … Claude.

“I had the pleasure in meeting him yesterday. He is simply wonderful. Nice personality, nice smile, very communicative. I felt like a friend. His other advantages you have to find out by yourself :).” You won’t regret